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with less than 0.3% total THC

Want to become a wholesaler of Friendly Hempsters products? Please complete and submit the wholesale form below.

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About Ordering Wholesale Hemp Flower

Choosing Friendly Hempsters as your wholesale hemp flower product supplier, you choose transparency, quality, and compliance. Importantly, our hemp flowers have less than 0.3% total potential THC.

Deciding to become a hemp flower product wholesaler is a pivotal and innovative decision for your business. There are inherent risks. However, working with a reputable company greatly mitigates those risks.

Becoming a Wholesaler

Initially, we ask that you complete our wholesale form at the top of this page. This helps us review and archive your contact and business information. We do this to ensure a few different things. One, to ensure your business license is active. Two, to ensure we are not obligated to charge you taxes on your order. Third, we do this to ensure that us working with you does not violate any private agreements or regulatory restrictions.

We will respond to your submission within 1-3 business days with instructions for placing your first order.

Your First Wholesale Order

Upon approval, we will send you some informational materials explaining our product. Then, we can schedule a phone call to discuss how we can help you meet your extracurricular goals, beyond providing a satisfactory and affordable product. Lastly, we will happily place your respective order, which is covered by our company’s warranty and return policy.

Building a Relationship Beyond Sales

Friendly Hempsters LLC has a long term vision for the CBD hemp flower market, so we make advocacy a cornerstone of our business. Importantly, supporting community organizations and advocating for sound public policy is a message you will hear if you work with us.

In conclusion, if you’re okay with 1) receiving some emails about smokable CBD hemp flower market news, 2) opportunities to show support, and 3) being on the forefront of a new niche in the cannabis industry, you’ve found the right company!