The smokable hemp market is a relatively new industry with plenty of Q&A floating around. We’re sorry if we failed to address a question you may have, feel free to ask us anything, anytime! 

Friendly Hempsters Hemp Flower



Can adults smoke hemp in public?
You shouldn’t do that, simply to avoid any interpretive issues. Enjoy our product on the privacy of your own property. Do not travel with the product after the tamper evident seal has been broken.

Will hemp flower make me fail a drug test after smoking a few grams?
Potentially, it depends on a lot, but remember: it is not worth the risk if you need to pass a drug test.

Is hemp safe to smoke if you’re pregnant?

Why does Friendly Hempsters package the flower in a can?
Limonene is one of our favorite terpenes! According to this case study, the can will actually preserve and restore volatile compounds such as limonene more than mylar barrier bags, mason jars, and pop-top bottles, which all actually caused a decrease in limonene. The technology also dramatically decreases the risk from mold, and other moisture born threats to the flower.

Will hemp flower get an adult consumer high?
No, unadulterated hemp flower only contains naturally occurring ingredients, with the only intoxicating ingredient (THC) being less than 0.3% potent by dry weight, or 3mg / gram. If you check out our research page, there are studies that show THC in low amounts, if with higher amounts of CBD, will have reduced intoxicating effects due to the THC ratio. There are noticeable effects from the CBD and terpenes. Pace yourself, do not operate heavy machinery, do not consume if you are pregnant, and keep away from children.

Why smoke hemp if it doesn’t get you high?
This question is often asked in comedic relief type of confusion. Some reasons are: 1) inhalation is the quickest method of ingestion if that is preferred, 2) the naturally derived cannabinoids by dry weight directly from the bud is cheaper than buying products that have additional processing and shipping throughout the production process, and 3) it allows the recreational benefits of cannabis with a high CBD low THC ratio, for folks who would like to avoid THC during the day or simply find discomfort in THC’s effects.

Is hemp flower legal?
Hemp flower has become a state issue, and well… it is not illegal federally, or in most states with hemp programs. There is a gigantic gap in regulations and oversight whenever it comes to smokable hemp. We believe it should be taxed to support oversight efforts and to help our state, and that prohibition is outdated. 

What does total potential THC mean?
The scientific formula for total potential THC means: Delta-9 THC + 0.87THCa. During heating, such as combustion or vaporization, decarboxylation occurs, actively converting CBDa and THCa into CBD and THC. In the 2018 Farm Bill, on page 420, you can see that congress mandates testing procedures to be a post decarboxylation basis.

Could I get charged with possession of marijuana?
You potentially could, and this is why you should not smoke hemp in public. Do not travel with the product after the tamper evident seal has been broken.

How can I consume it?
You can mildly sprinkle ground hemp flower on salads, in soups, or perhaps make it into a tea. The other obvious choices are smoking or vaping it. Vaporizing hemp buds produces less toxins and carbon monoxide than combusting hemp. If you live in an area and are permitted, you could mix it with medical or recreational cannabis.

Is Friendly Hempsters hiring?
We’re not actively hiring at the moment, but we’ll happily review your skills at

Can I return the product?
Absolutely. You can visit our company policies page or simply contact us to resolve your issue.

Do you farm the product yourself?
Yes and no. We focus on bringing our partner farms and retailers together, with a hemp product that meets federal guidelines for naturally occurring total potential THC.  We’re currently working on an organic certification and diversifying the varieties grown.

How can I get a discount?
You can subscribe to our newsletter for a one time 50% off coupon, or review our products on Google or Facebook, and we unconditionally provide discounts to veterans. 

We will also have limited time deals offered to our subscribers and social media followers!

How can I purchase in bulk?
First time bulk purchasers must complete our application form for our records, and also indicate that you are at least 18 years of age. You must also wait until harvest season to place and receive your order, unless other arrangements are made before hand.

Do you offer toll-manufacturing or white labeling services for businesses?
This is not a key area of focus for us at this time, although our team has discussed the topic, and will explore all future opportunities as they become available.

Does Friendly Hempsters buy hemp?
We sure do, but not just any hemp. Visit our sell your hemp page to learn more.