Hemp flower is primarily a state issue. However, monitoring state activity through the news as the hemp flower market takes shape, story by story, is rather exciting!

For instance, if you’d like to participate in the hemp flower movement, you may do so on our advocacy page. You can learn more about our opinion and participate in discussion on our blog. The more you learn about the hemp flower market, the more you will realize that the industry is under attack, and its important to take action!

If you’ve noticed we’ve missed any key states with hemp flower news, please let us know! Many of the stories are reported multiple times, there are spinoffs; and although we didn’t list every hemp flower news article, you can search for them here.

State Hemp Flower News

Seven Indiana companies challenge the state’s smokable hemp ban.
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Hemp flower is prohibited for retail sales in Kentucky, although we could not find news articles reporting on the subject.
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Louisiana prohibits the sale of smokable hemp.
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North Carolina aims to legislatively define smokable hemp as marijuana in 2020, because law enforcement cannot distinguish between hemp and marijuana in the field.
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Columbus, Ohio Prosecuting Attorney states that they can no longer prosecute for marijuana possession beyond a reasonable doubt, because law enforcement is not properly equipped to quantify THC levels in the field.
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Ohio AG provides grant funding for law enforcement to differentiate between hemp and marijuana, because otherwise personnel cannot properly enforce marijuana or hemp laws.
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South Carolina pulled hemp flower from retail sales because law enforcement cannot properly enforce laws.
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Texas governor signed legislation to ban hemp flower sales.
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Virginia waits to see what happens with smokable hemp, because law enforcement is unclear on how to interpret the law.
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If you’ve noticed we’ve missed any key states with hemp flower news, please let us know!