Browse all of Friendly Hempsters select, compliant, and premium hemp flower grown by farmers in the United States that meet the USDA interim rules, for THC testing. All of our strains contain less than .3% total THC. 

CBG Hemp Flower

The White

Friendly Hempsters CBG Hemp Flower - "The White" 15%+ CBG.
Our The White (CBG) hemp flower (batch ID: 20191022-15) is our favorite batch we’ve ever worked with. Produced in the North West United States, this seedless strain has a completely different flavor and effect profile than our CBD strains.

Red Bordeaux

Our Red Bordeaux –  (batch ID: PO112719) 
Born in the cannabis Bordeaux Supér
ieur region of Oregon, these flowers are over 11% CBD. Each package of flowers has a unique number that represents its unit. We started with 001, we know this strain will age like red wine. 

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush – (batch ID: PO110719) Grown in Oregon, the trimmed buds were immediately packaged after drying to preserve flavor.


AutoPilot- (batch ID:20191022-16) Grown in Oregon, Autopilot is rolled into
1 Gram pre-rolls using state of the art machinery.