Friendly Hempsters LLC brings ‘regulatory retail’ experience to read the pulse of the hemp flower market. However, we’ve developed a product within the scope of the 2018 Farm Bill to test ‘hemp flower’, or ‘smokable hemp’, sales in a variety of markets.

Importantly, our product notably has less than 0.3% total potential THC.

Our founders are sales and marketing executives for one of the largest specialty tobacco retail chains on the East Coast. Other management includes a trusted network of advisors with a variety of specialized expertise.

About our Agribusiness and Research

We’ve partnered with an agricultural research company growing roughly 120 acres of high CBD hemp in two states in 2019. Our goal is to incorporate analytics, genetics, and tech into further refining our developmental scope. Currently, our product is grown and packaged in Colorado.

About our Ethically Minded Partnerships

We also work with a local, socially responsible non-profit with over 30,000 square feet of active warehouse space.

SW Resources provides us with a multitude of affordable services to enable us to provide quality materials at an affordable price. Similarly, they provide the community with valuable rehabilitative training for the community.

About Advocacy

It’s time to think about smokable hemp from a regulatory perspective, and find a consensus to collectively move the regulatory system and the industry forward.

Please visit our advocacy page to read more about how to get involved to stop smokable hemp bans.

About Bulk Hemp Flower and Biomass

We’re expecting to have upwards of 40,000 lbs. of trimmed flower and 15,000 lbs. of biomass available in 2019. Importantly, all material available will be less than 0.3% total potential THC.

About Retail, Wholesale, Distribution, and White Labeling

We will have (un)trimmed flower and bulk biomass available by the pound or by the pallet for manufacturers and processors. If you are a distributor, wholesaler, or retailer, we do have a product available for retail. Importantly, please read our company policies to address any questions you may have about working with us.

However, please visit our wholesale page to learn about becoming a wholesale customer.

Beginning in 2020 we will be providing white labeling services. We will offer hemp flowers with less than 0.3% total potential THC. We are also able to manufacture products for folks in a facility with certified quality control documentation.

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