Welcome to the official Friendly Hempsters website,
home to one of the country’s few
CBD hemp flower companies that develops
hemp flower products with
less than 0.3% total potential THC!

Friendly Hempsters LLC was formed by executives in the convenience and tobacco retail industry. However, our founders were seeing hemp flower products falling short.

We decided to go into business after seeing the extend that hemp flower brands disregard compliance, in the name of sales, over retailer and consumer protection.

With any new product on the market, due diligence should be conducted to protect and satisfy consumers.

We aim to bring our decades of regulatory retail experience, provide standardized quality manufacturing, and compliant product services to the hemp flower industry.

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We’ve partnered with trusted farmers who are collectively growing over 140 acres of high CBD hemp flowers. In addition, Friendly Hempsters LLC works with experienced researchers to develop new varieties of hemp that customers and regulators can both respect.

Above all, we work with a local nonprofit with standardized quality control measures and competitive pricing. For instance, they help us utilize their quality services, warehouse space, and distribution capacity for our friends in the hemp industry. Likewise, we’re able to help them support our valued community members.

In conclusion, you’re in the right place if you’re looking for the best hemp flower company. Similarly, whether you’re a customer or a business, Friendly Hempsters can cover all of your hemp flower needs.

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